Bringing Origami into the 21st Century


Hinja is a wonderful system, a great vehicle for creative exploration and experimentation.

Nigel (Engineer)

...I've tried Hinja in Math provides a great way to leave the chalkboard or the screen and to harness maths with their own hands and minds

Pepe Moctezuma (Maths Teacher)

...a clever reusable variation on Modular Origami, where you don't have to fold up the modules before you assemble...great intuitive design tool for visual thinkers

Daydd (Architect)

Hinja tiles are one of those very special 'blank canvas' resources, where kids can unleash their creativity, with rich opportunities to draw attention to interesting and important mathematical ideas. Hinja tiles are perfect for the classroom; perfect for family fun at home!

Matt Skoss (Maths Consultant)

Retail Product of the Month August 2019

National Museum of Mathematics, NY