Hinja: bringing origami into the 21st century

About Hinja

Hinja brings origami into the 21st century using engineered plastic, which means it's: durable, reusable, always accurate and stable.  Traditional modular (or unit) origami relies on folding a paper unit, which frankly becomes tedious  Based on "unit" or "modular" origami where complex patterns and designs can be built from one basic folded paper shape.  For example a cube would take 6 sheets of paper and over 70 folds.  That's OK for cubes but for more complex designs that mean a lot of folding. We thought that was kind of boring so we ditched the paper and designed a single plastic unit, engineered with creases and a locking mechanism, so as you build, your design is actually stable. You can even throw it in the air and it won't fall apart.
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