Hinja: bringing origami into the 21st century


What is Hinja?

Hinja brings origami into the 21st century using fantastic durable plastic.  Based on "unit" or "modular" origami where complex patterns and designs can be built from one basic folded paper shape.  For example a cube would take 6 sheets of paper and over 70 folds.  That's OK for cubes but for more complex designs that mean a lot of folding. We thought that was kind of boring so we ditched the paper and designed a single plastic unit, engineered with creases and a locking mechanism, so as you build, your design is actually stable. You can even throw it in the air and it won't fall apart.

What can you build with Hinja?

If you haven't watched the slide show at the top we recommend you do, there are over 30 examples to get you started.

Basically there are 3 categories of construction

  • Hinja 2D 
  • Hinja Cubic &
  • Hinja 3D

each with unlimited design possibilities. 

So how does Hinja 2D work?

Hinja 2D:  Use flat unfolded hinja units  straight from the pack.  By using  different color combinations you'll soon  create amazing weave patterns and tapestries that you'll want to hang on your wall.  We recommend simple black and white designs to create spectacular optical effects.  Remember to step back from your creation to get a really good look at it!

So how does Hinja Cubic work?

Hinja Cubic: Use the two perpendicular creases (i.e. not the diagonal), and fold both hinja tabs away from you to create two mountain folds.  From here on we recommend following this link, because one good video is worth a thousand words...and be sure to hold your hinja unit exactly as in the video.

So how does Hinja 3D work?

For more complex 3D you need to use the diagonal fold, it should be a valley fold that points away from you, opposite to the cubic folds.  Once again video is a much better way to explain,  just remember to hold and fold your hinja unit exactly as it appears in the video...

Folding Hinja for 3D construction 

What's with the packaging?

As we are all aware, the toy industry is pretty notorious for excessive packaging.  Sometimes it's more interesting than the product, in fact, we took that as our lead and turned it around so that the package is the product!!!  When you buy a hinja package it is made from Hinja units! This may be a world first but it ensures nearly zero waste, and guarantees that what you see is truly what you get.

Without a box how will I store my Hinja units?

We are so glad you asked this question!  Here at Hinja we are confident you'll never want to put it away, the chances are you'll make a picture to proudly hang on your wall or an awesome 3D object to put on your mantle piece.

As part of our commitment to minimizing waste we suggest you make your own box (out of Hinja) to store your Hinja units, in the unlikely event you want to put them away.  We even made a video...

Storage Box for Your Hinja Units

What can I buy?

Currently available is our Multi Coloured Combo Pack with the following 108 HInja units included:

  • 18 White units
  • 18 Black units
  • 18 Green units
  • 18 Red units
  • 18 Yellow units
  • 18 Blue units

What Can I Make With a Multi Coloured Combo Pack?

Have a look at the following animations with examples of Hinja 2D, Hinja Cubic and Hinja3D.  Each panel shows what can be built with a Multi Colour Combo Pack.  Whether you choose to work in 2D or 3D or both, there are endless design possibilities.

Don't forget to watch the slide show at the top of the website and go to our YouTube channel for more how-to videos and design ideas.

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