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Hinja Block - 120 units

Hinja Block - 120 units

Hinja Block - 120 units

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What Can I Build With My Pack ? 


Hinja Instant 3D Origami block pack of 120 Hinja units. Designed for users who want to explore more possibilities and designs using Hinja: Instant 3D origami.

Available in
✔️ Red ✔️ Blue ✔️ Green
✔️ Yellow ✔️ Black ✔️ White
Multi Colored
✔️ Black & White Combo
60 Hinja units of each is for exploring for patterns
✔️ Multi Colored Combo
20 Hinja units of each color


Reduce Waste 

To reduce waste 14 of your 120 hinja units are used to make the box packaging, which can be disassembled to make your full complement.

Weight: 230g  Pack Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 150mm.


Hinja is a wonderful system, a great vehicle for creative exploration and experimentation.


...I've tried Hinja in Math provides a great way to leave the chalkboard or the screen and to harness maths with their own hands and minds

Pepe Moctezuma (teacher)

...a clever reusable variation on Modular Origami, where you don't have to fold up the modules before you assemble...great intuitive design tool for visual thinkers